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Jazz Beat: Everette DeVan Jam Session, at the Phoenix



At this point, the Everette DeVan Jam Session has established itself as a local tradition. Each Tuesday night, Everette DeVan's trio opens with some jazz standards, maybe even a little blues. Between DeVan's organ solos and Matt Hopper's illuminating guitar riffs, the audience sways with joy, helped along by Danny Rojas' driving percussion. Then there's the young, up-and-coming vocal talents of Dionne Jeroue, who can belt like she's been at it for years, and Kelley Gant, who swings the standards, embellished with scat or sometimes a whistle. The second set is a little looser, with other players joining in. Some contributors may not be what you came to hear, but some, like Jeroue and Gant, can be great KC jazz discoveries.

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