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Dr. Dog

Sunday, October 23, at the Replay Lounge.


What ever happened to good old-fashioned harmonizing? Not just a bass player singing along for a few words on the chorus — we're talking thoughtful, calculated harmonies, two or three voices gracefully colliding to create a perfect sonic moment. When it's done right, nothing in any genre of art can compare. This concept is not lost on Philadelphia's Dr. Dog, a band whose five members have clearly spent entire weekends sitting on basement floors ooh-ing, aahing and la-laing until their throats were raw. The band's lo-fi recording approach caught the attention of My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James, who invited them out on tour in 2003 after hearing its demo. Since then, Dr. Dog has released its debut disc, Easy Beat, a groggily recorded album that flaunts considerable depth and a seemingly effortless knack for melody. Dr. Dog has also been favorably profiled in The New York Times and on NPR. This band isn't just for the eggheads in the front of the class, though; anyone with a natural predilection for buoyant pop hooks will find Dr. Dog well worth throwing a bone.

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