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Donna Tucker and the Joe Cartwright Trio.

Sunday, May 8, at the Fairmont Hotel Oak Bar.


Donna Tucker, one of the more accomplished jazz singers in the Midwest, has recently carved a niche as the most popular lounge act in the history of the Westin Tokyo. But don't go comparing her to the indecent chanteuse in Lost in Translation. Tucker has been a pillar of class since her reign at one of Dallas' top jazz spots, Arthur's, in the 1980s. Now residing in Wichita, she endeavors to fan the low jazz flame that burns on the prairie. It's a tough market for that most heady of genres, to be sure, but Tucker much prefers it to the easy sell amid the Japanese karaoke set. They ate it up in the penthouse club, she says, but one can sing "My Way" only so many times. Back home performing with artists such as Kansas City's own Joe Cartwright Trio, Tucker uses her incredible pipes for jazz's real mission -- invention.

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