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Saturday, February 4, at The Granada.


Doe Who says you can't go home again? Rapper Doe and his Upset Records family are trekking back east to the prairie of Kansas, his home until his family headed to Denver in 1996. Although Doe, CEO and "it" man of the Upset label, now resides in the Rockies, his Kansas roots are evident in the Bay Area gangsta-rap language and pulse-racing, bass-heavy beats all over his new album. On the Run Gettin' Money, with lead single "Yell It Out," featuring E-40 and the late Mac Dre, is one of three albums the homecoming king has released since the latter part of 2005. After a quick pit stop in Doe's former hut in Topeka on Saturday afternoon, so that the rapper can sign autographs and hawk CDs at the local Hastings store (and no doubt catch up with some old Topeka kinfolk), the bus will roll into Jayhawk land for the opening gig of a tour of Colorado, Kansas and Missouri. Upset Records labelmate Ray Ray and opening acts Evil Loc, Young Doe, Dope, D-Lok, Big Rat, Dirt Work, St. Nick, Young Dice and Nykeloc also line the bill.

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