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DJ Cyan



Many DJs wish they had as much creative freedom as DJ Cyan, who spins at Karma every Monday night. She has so much freedom that the bartenders allow her to play avant-garde films on the screens around the bar. Underground and lesser-known jazz, blues, punk and foreign artists are in heavy rotation in her eclectic repertoire, and she says that 30 percent of the music she plays was recorded before 1980. Cyan is also known for taking CDs from regulars and incorporating them into her set. A good portion of the patrons on Cyan's night are from the "alternative" or "artsy" crowd, she says, but many others are simply there for the two-for-one drinks. It wouldn't shock us if this night sticks around for a while, especially if Cyan continues searching for that ultra-rare stuff that keeps you guessing while you get wasted for half-price.

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