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Saturday, May 3, at Plaza West, 4600 Madison.


Stupid calendar. Cinco de Mayo falls on a Monday this year, so for those who really have no business celebrating it in the first place but will still glom onto any holiday involving mass quantities of alcohol, Viva la Fiesta should come as sweet relief. At this Cinco de Mayo-themed pre-emptive party thrown by the O.E. Ellis Society and the Bacchus Foundation, the price of admission scores all the delicious food from Mi Cocina, Rudy's Taqueria, ReVerse and Baha 600; tasty Jose Cuervo margaritas; and mediocre-at-best beer of the Budweiser and Tequiza varieties you could want. It's even for a good cause, too, with all proceeds going to the Kansas City Ronald McDonald House and Operation Breakthrough. Plus, the Daybirds, Kansas City's premier mariachi band, will be there playing all the traditional Cinco de Mayo carols -- or all-too-catchy pop songs. Whichever. But a scant 48 hours separate Viva la Fiesta from Cinco de Mayo, and depending on what kind of person you are, that means the festivities could be a chance to get the good times out of your system -- a dry run with just enough time to recover for the official holiday -- or, sigh, just another Saturday. The complete skinny awaits at

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