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Dante Everglade

Blown Tweeters (Evolve Music)


If any tweeters got blown during the making of this EP from local MC Dante Everglade (who also goes by the alias Negro Scoe), it wasn't because of Dante's cutting lyrics or aggressive spittin'. Everglade is foremost a groove guy — his words are secondary to the flow. At least, that's how he comes across on Blown Tweeters. (The style was the same on his previous release, 2004's Vegas Escapades EP.) After all, nary a beat ends before Dante has told the listener a dozen different ways how innovative, unique, amazing, effective, etc., he is. Trouble is, Scoe went to the school of tell, not show, so without truly clever wordplay, humor or lyrical concepts, he might as well be reading bus schedules into the mike. (And if he were, he would no doubt dub that "progressive" as well.) His one attempt at political commentary, the song "Blind Obedience," which begins with a Bush sound bite (the famous "and neither do we" gaffe), falls flatter than a dud scud when Everglade launches into a spoken-word intro that begins We, the people of the United States of America, are at war with domestic terrorism. Uh, what papers you been readin', Scoe? He then goes on to lay down the most banal war criticism this side of a community-radio call-in show. The upside to the disc is that Everglade's producers — two Las Vegas boys named Acumen and Dusty Rhythms — are superb. It's no surprise that the EP's only sublime moments come when Everglade takes a break and lets his DJs spin trippy, bass-heavy sonic bliss. If you can tune out what Everglade is saying, Blown Tweeters is an inoffensively bumpin' ride.

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