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DanderCroft benefit

Friday, June 20, at the Brick.


For a bunch of self-proclaimed media haters, rock stars do a lot of press. They'd probably play a benefit show for, say, Rolling Stone if it were on the brink of bankruptcy, because how else would a nation of readers learn about their political views or witness their transformations from singer-songwriters to scantily clad sex goddesses? However, on the local front, there's much more sincerity involved in helping get a fledgling periodical off the ground, especially when it's being published by an area musician. John Bersuch of Minds Under Cover (pictured) will soon launch DanderCroft, which will include interviews with the Hearers, Mark Reynolds, Forrest Whitlow, Overstep, the Guild and more. Comic strips, movie reviews and other assorted attractions also figure into the mix. There's a catch -- glossy thirty-page publications don't pay for themselves. That's where the music community, DanderCroft's target audience as well as its source of subject matter, comes in. Show up to see Overstep, Onward Crispin Glover and Bersuch's band, pitch in a few bucks, and read all about it later.

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