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The Comets and the Wizards vie for your attention (and money).


SAT 4/3

When two events require your presence, they inevitably are scheduled at the same time. Everyone's been there -- agonizing over the pros and cons, eventually just flipping a coin. Such is the case with two equally significant soccer games slated for this weekend. The Wizards' home opener against the Chicago Fire starts at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium (1 Arrowhead Drive, 816-920-9300). And at 7:35 p.m. the Comets play their last home game this season against the San Diego Sockers at Kemper Arena (1800 Genessee, 816-513-4000). For the most part, these two teams don't share fans. To be honest, the Wizards might trump the Comets in a true soccer fan's hierarchy. (But those people probably don't need to borrow our coin to decide their plans.)

If, like us, you're more concerned with just having a good time, go to the Comets game. For the price of a mediocre seat at Arrowhead, you can get seats at Kemper close enough to make eye contact with the players. More important, you'll be close enough to check them out, which makes the game quite worthwhile for avid fans of the male physique (us again). Plus, it's Comets Fan Appreciation Night. But, hey, it's your call. For tickets to either game, call 816-931-3330.--Sarah Steele

Who's the Boss?
Penn Valley Park goes to the dogs.


Inside the fence at Penn Valley Park's dog park, the shoes are on the other paw. At the park's north and south gates, which resemble air locks or cattle pens with their safeguard dual doors to prevent runaways, signs refer to "the dogs and their people." No matter who's in charge, the downtown dog park (on Wyandotte Street just north of 31st Street) is a welcome addition for both the dogs and their people.

A water jug is usually left out to keep the pups hydrated. Large stones speckle the park to afford seating for sunset views of downtown and the West Bottoms. Leftover tennis balls are easily found and work great for encouraging the dogs to use all the fenced-in space. Just watch your step.--Michael Vennard

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