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L80s Night (a portmanteau of ladies and '80s) at Jilly's has been going for nearly three years, easily making it one of the longest-running and most successful dance nights in the city. Clockwerk is the selector on these Saturdays, and he plays to a crowd of people who fit the cliché of being stuck in the '80s — big hair, tight pants and all. Over the years, the Serato-empowered Clockwerk has become Kansas City's go-to-guy for the nostalgic pop sounds of the Reaganomics era. Whether you're old enough to remember acts like Talking Heads and the Cure in their prime doesn't matter as long as you respect Clockwerk as a damn good DJ and all-around cool guy. As at most bars, the free popcorn served at Jilly's is pretty stale, similar to the outdated disco, retro and '80s hip-hop that gets spun. But the popcorn and the music make for two stale products that children of the '80s just can't help but stuffing their faces with.

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