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Leawood's Church of the Resurrection takes over the space of a failed downtown bar

The new tenant at Crosstown Station brings a different kind of act.



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To the common criticism that megachurches are all about money and power, Chrostek points to the church's giving. He says Resurrection Downtown each week sends about 1,800 backpacks filled with food to students in the Kansas City, Missouri, School District. The church assists local agencies, such as the Rose Brooks domestic-violence shelter, and donations from all Church of the Resurrection sites build preschools in Africa.

"Generosity begets generosity," he says. "There is something about giving it away to receive it. There is power in numbers."

And those numbers are increasing.

During a Resurrection Downtown Sunday-morning service, Dana Lantz sat beside Laura Tyler. Both were attending for the first time. The family of Lantz's fiancé went to the Leawood Church of the Resurrection and encouraged the couple, in their mid-20s, to go to the downtown branch. Tyler and her husband, whose children are in college, had tried many churches through the years.

"We've been looking for a community where the community enjoys serving the community," Tyler says. "Not service where you do something for some individuals but you keep your distance from them."

"It seems like they want people to be here," Lantz says.

Tyler's voice quavers with emotion as she reflects on the morning.

"I enjoy seeing young people meeting God. I think that's exciting," she says.

Both women plan to return. Both plan to spread the word about Rez Downtown.

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