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Carry On

The Brick's new karaoke gig is all that and a lunch box.


MON 9/1

About a month ago, Brodie Rush announced that Brodioke -- the screwball karaoke night he'd been hosting at the Brick -- would come to an abrupt end. The people wept and mourned. They resorted to singing in their cars. The situation seemed hopeless. What many Brodioke lovers still don't realize is that Maygun Metzger and Shay Broockerd have taken over Brodie's time slot with an event they're calling The Lunch Box Brigade: Carryin' on the 'Oke. In spirit, it's much like Brodioke: goofy and melodramatic. But it's not the same. "We really miss Brodie," Broockerd says, noting that she and Metzger were Brodioke regulars. "We're not trying to be him, but people shouldn't be afraid to come out."

There's no reason to fear change. The new notebook-o'-songs includes "Don't You Forget About Me," of Breakfast Club-soundtrack fame, and even the occasional Radiohead tune. As Metzger puts it, they're songs that "shouldn't be karaoke songs." Your new hostesses sing both separately and in duet form when bar customers aren't champing at the bit to perform, and they're damn entertaining.

Also, they give out lunch boxes as prizes. Both ladies carry lunch boxes as purses, and have been calling themselves the Lunch Box Brigade since long before they started Carryin' on the 'Oke.

-- Gina Kaufmann

Our Hero
Garagesaleman offers rest for the bargain-hunting weary.


Good-hearted citizen, are you waking up early Saturday after Saturday to hit the garage-sale circuit only to have your utmost bargain-hunting potential thwarted at every turn by the dastardly forces of evil? Never fear! Help has arrived, and it's wearing greenish spandex. It's Garagesaleman, Internet champion of Kansas City garage sales, with the ability to locate garage sales throughout the metro area, second only to Aquaman in lame-o superpowers. By visiting his lair at, sale scavengers can search using zip codes and other details. Seekers of sales will also soon be able to take advantage of Garagesaleman's keen eyes to scope out individual items of treasure lurking amid the seemingly inexhaustible supply of unwanted Beanie Babies. Unfortunately, Garagesaleman's powers stop short of haggling.-- Robert Bishop

City Slickers
Urban Poetry hits Mission.

FRI 8/29

Now that Theatre for Young America is housed in the Dickinson Top Two Theatre on Johnson Drive in Mission, many people have wondered what will happen to TYA's old space in the Mission Center Mall a few blocks south. Friday, folks can see for themselves when Rainbow's End Theatre launches Urban Poetry at 4881 Johnson Drive. Music director Mark Price describes it as "hip-hop dancers, scratchers and a number of writers for Hallmark Cards' Mahogany line reading their own poetry. The cast changes the idea of what people think urban means. It cuts across all ethnic, age and socioeconomic lines." For tickets to Urban Poetry or to ask about the upcoming season, call Rainbow's End at 913-362-3030.-- Steve Walker

One Time, at Band Camp

MON 9/1

There's a summer camp for everyone and a summer camp movie for everyone else. This summer's Camp indicates the genre is back, with a theatrical flair. Todd Graff (Hippy from 1989's The Abyss) makes his directorial debut with this tale of a summer camp for thespian teens -- good Labor Day/back-to-school fare. Compare the film to TV's Fame, at the Tivoli, 4050 Pennsylvania, 913-383-7756.-- Michael Vennard

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