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Cali Funkadelic


Kansas Citian J Fortune's Funkadelic series of drum-'n'-bass parties at Balanca's have offered us more than a couple of fine dance events over the past six months. After Fortune's Friday weekly at the Hangout last year, which started out hot and then fizzled, we all learned that Kansas City can't yet support drum-'n'-bass every weekend. But Fortune's Cali Funkadelic party Saturday, featuring Los Angeles' Infiltrata (pictured) and best-known-unknown local Murderbot, should give us all the jungle we can handle until Fortune's Funkadelic event with Phace from Germany in April. Also tagging along for Cali Funkadelic are locals Ruckspin and Mr. Solve and newcomer DJ KRSP. Don't put it past these DJs to throw down what could be the best drum-'n'-bass show Kansas City has ever seen.

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