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Tuesday, January 24, at the Uptown Theater.


That's it — we give up. If we spent every waking moment thinking about it, we still couldn't give you a reason not to see Cake in concert, or at least not one that hasn't been said a thousand times before. If you haven't already been, an evening with John McCrea and co. is exactly what you'd expect — an endless stream of alternative-radio immortals, from "The Distance" and "Sheep Go to Heaven" to "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" and "The Guitar Man." For those who've already spent some time with the little fashion nuggets, they already know the real secret — that beneath that layer of ubiquitous fame and underrated musicianship lie a couple of workaday song slingers, each of whom looks like he'd be just as happy jamming at the neighborhood barbecue as playing music halls. You know what? Screw new reasons. A Cake concert is the kind of sing-with-the-crowd, toss-back-a-beer show that other arena rockers could only dream of playing.

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