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Albino Fly


The title of Albino Fly's demo, Easy as One, Two, Three, capsulizes the group's musical strategy, which includes generous samples of each facet of heavy music's current reigning trinity: sludgy postgrunge, low-end-scraping Korn metal and a vocal attack that incorporates rapping and tuneful singing into the string of shouts. It also summarizes the telling trio of covers the group tends to include in its ninety-minute sets: Faith No More's "Epic," Pantera's "Mouth for War" and Tool's "Cold and Ugly." And three is the number of intriguingly named members in this five-piece band, which includes guitarist Poe (not that Poe), drummer Dust and vocalist Vanity Mason.(Guitarist Nathan Alexander and vocalist Jon Collichio sport low-key monikers.) But most likely, the disc's title refers to the fact that it contains three tunes: a gurgling low-end number with an emotive chorus; a densely layered song that features a quick-paced vocal delivery; and the closer, which starts heavy, mellows out for an interval, then finishes loud after a shouted "Fuck" reopens the floodgates. Albino Fly hopes to play to more than three people when it takes the stage for a free open mic at The Bottleneck Monday night. Earlier in the evening, a group of Lawrence sixth graders (Mr. Machine) joins some grown-ass men still operating with the mentality of sixth graders (The Queers) plus three pop-punk bands that aren't above a little immaturity (Teen Idols, Pinhead Circus and resurgent locals Bubble Boys).

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