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Monique Danielle


When Monique Danielle recorded her first CD, Resolution, she opted for a focused R&B approach that set her soulful vocals to catchy radio-ready backdrops. Though it was an impressive debut, Resolution didn't hint at Danielle's full range -- she boasts a résumé that includes everything from a stint in the chorus at the Lyric Opera to a part in a small jazz band. On her aptly named follow-up, Closer to Me, Danielle belts out an impressive upper-register chorus on the percussive "Astro Caravan" and professes her "Real Love" in a growl that's dangerously seductive when paired with a perky reggae beat. She also displays her world-music background (she's a member of globe-trotting groups such as BCR, The Messengers and Afrique) by singing in three African languages. Musicians from each of the aforementioned bands will accompany Danielle onstage at the CD-release party for Closer at the Grand Emporium.

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