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Bullet Proof

Letters from the week of November 13, 2003

b>Under the gun: Regarding Tony Ortega's "Half-Cocked" (November 6): I never read your rag before, but a friend called and told me you were in the process of making me famous, so I thought I'd log on and see how you painted me. Given your self-evident proclivities and the demographic the Pitch appeals to, I suppose all the penis references are to be expected, but I'm not sure they do much for your position.

Beyond that, you almost got most of the facts right. Somehow, in your account of my telephone conversation with Alvin Brooks, you neglected to include his failure to respond to my observations that: (1) The (unconstitutional) Missouri prohibition of concealed weapons was a "Jim Crow" provision aimed at making it impossible for black men and women to defend themselves from the KKK, and (2) the biggest victims of Brooks' wrongheaded lawsuit are the hardworking men and women of the inner city who become criminals if they carry a gun to protect themselves from the goblins that commit mayhem there daily.

It is nice to see that Alvin is so well connected that by merely snapping his fingers, he can unleash the Pitch on whomever has displeased him at the moment.

It doesn't really matter much. I'm still here, and he's still wrong.
Frank Brady
Kansas City, Missouri

Gene Pool Party
Hey, nice labs: Joe Miller's recent article on the Stowers Institute and its research program ("Weird Science," November 6) was very well-written and informative. Like many others, I have always wondered what really goes on at the institute, and I am pleased to hear that serious research concerning a delicate matter is not only being conducted in this city at a facility created by the Stowerses (whose generosity and forethought is second only to the late Kauffmans) but is also in the very capable and conscientious hands of a professional the likes of Scott Hawley.
Chas Morris
Kansas City, Missouri
Child Support
Strong arms of the ma: Thank you for Allie Johnson's "Horror Story" (October 30). I am a 32-year-old Caucasian woman living in Independence, but I am disgusted and sickened by the fact that I have heard nothing of these women's murders until picking up a copy of the Pitch today.

Of course, we have all been inundated with information about Ali Kemp's murder (as we should). I mean no disrespect to her family or her memory, but my heart goes out to all the mothers who have lost daughters and haven't had the benefit of the exhaustive police investigation and publicity that the Kemp family has had.
Kristen Stevens

Well Done
To dine for: I live in Omaha but read the online version of the Pitch every week for Charles Ferruzza's dining reviews. They're entertaining, informative and extremely well-written. It's the next best thing to actually trying these places, and I'm keeping track so I've got some places to check out the next time I'm there.

Keep up the great work!
Kyle Tonnige

Low Blow
Come again: Please give your music critic a dictionary. In "Welfare Mother" (October 30), Scott Wilson writes, "I say a harmonica solo in a song about jizz is hopelessly redundant." A harmonica solo is no more or less redundant in a song about ejaculate than it would be in a song about any other subject.

Although I don't read the Pitch every week, this is the second time I have found the word redundant or one of its derivatives used improperly by your music critics -- on the earlier occasion, a critic opined that two musicians were "radio redundancies." Mr. Wilson should either learn English or stop writing.
Name Withheld Upon Request

Mating Call
State's right: Based on Geoff Harkness' review of the Mates of State album (Hear and Now, October 16), it sounds like he needs a break from reviewing for a little while. His comments sound like the band did something really bad to him -- did they miss an interview or maybe piss on his floor? Or did the CD give him a paper cut? Such anger!

Perhaps he should take a vacation from this "journalism career" he's piled on himself. Maybe he's received too many promos from the new metal crap rock bands that love KC? Take a breath or three and give a listen to the wrath of monocultured "music" that plagues our generation like cancer. Maybe then he'll realize what good the Mates of State actually bring to this world, instead of focusing his negativities in a published review. Is he his own editor? The Mates are actual proof that there is still hope for this cookie-cutter-MTV-laden shithole of a culture.

Please do all of us local musicians a favor and give a chance to some music reviewers who don't write venomous, self-serving soapbox rants on what is cool and what is not. Take that for what it's worth, friend.

P.S. Please come to my shows (Everest, Life on Earth) and bring your notepad. I need some direction.
Ben Tuttle

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