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Bruise League


Kickball is typically associated with middle school wholesomeness, but it’s a ruthless bitch of a game for grown-ups. Kaw Valley Kickball is a Lawrence league of 24 teams representing area businesses. Kickball isn’t exactly a game you need to play sober, and drunken slides have left many participants with bloody knees. A particularly exciting season of crowd-pleasing misbehavior prompted the league commissioner to issue a shouty letter to all teams. It reads, in part, “There were MULTIPLE instances of players who are not the captain or co-captain disputing calls by the refs ... do I even need to mention the report of a player calling a referee a bitch?” Just the same, the league is now an official nonprofit, with first pitches thrown by city commissioners. Today, 12 games go down at fields all over town from 5:30 to 10 p.m. For the schedule, see Kaw Valley Kickball

July 19-Sept. 1

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