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Bouncing Souls



Punk lifers the Bouncing Souls graduated from skateboards to electric guitars in high school and hit the road with a no-surrender ethos. The Jersey quartet has grown tighter and beefier over the years, going from a fun-loving, party-oriented outfit to a boisterous, chunky, hard-charging machine, abetted by the postmillennial addition of savage skin-pounder Michael McDermott (Murphy's Law). While their music still possesses the joyous, irrepressible energy of youth, time has honed their chops to produce gleaming, fist-in-the-air anthems. Nattily attired frontman Greg Attonito is one of punk's finest vocalists, his crisp, ringing tenor joined by the voices of his mates on big shout-along choruses. The band's songwriting has also matured, expressing a spirit of hope, resilience and individualism that reflects punk's best facets, as evident on tracks such as "Gasoline" and "The Mental Bits." Those two are among 12 singles that have been released monthly in 2009 (and in quarterly EPs) and will be collected in a year-end 20th anniversary LP.

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