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Giddy-Up Go!


In recent years, the term "one-man band" has been used to describe artists (such as Trent Reznor) who record albums in solitary recording sessions using computers and the like, then recruit a band to re-create the tunes on the road. But Bruce Humphries is a throwback one-man band, the type who straps a drum to his foot, a guitar across his chest, and various other instruments to all available extremities. The resulting album is a collection of tight, two-minutes-or-less romps with a ferocious rockabilly feel. Several of the tracks are smoldering instrumentals, reminiscent of the work of the excellent local ensemble Buddy Lush Phenomenon, while others, such as "This Durn Band Ain't Getting Me Laid," display Humphries' sharp lyrical wit. Unlike the electronically inclined one-man bands, B.O.M.B. stays solo when he plays live, making his shows must-see events. And with its unbridled energy, Giddy-Up Go! is the kind of undeniably fun record that many bands with three, four, or more members still haven't found a way to produce.

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