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Bob Schneider

Saturday, May 8, at the Bottleneck.


Oh, Fame, you fickle bitch. Explain yourself. Corey Feldman cops Michael Jackson dance moves and we recoil in horror. Justin Timberlake does the same and we adore him. Sure, Feldman can't sing, but the jury's still out on Timberlake, too. What about Bob Schneider? This Austin, Texas, cat was the driving force behind both the Scabs and the Ugly Americans, he owned -- and I mean owned -- the 2000 Austin Music Awards, and he released a solid solo debut in Lonelyland, but nobody knows about him. Is this some sort of karmic retribution? Honestly, Fame, what's the deal? Schneider recently released his second national album, All Good Now, so how about you do everyone a favor and cut this guy a break. His songwriting has matured. He's trying to cut back on the f-bombs. Give him a chance. Now, let's talk about this whole American Idol thing ...

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