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Letters from the week of September 29, 2005

Shirts vs. skins: Apparently, our countryman Howard Carson does not understand the distinction between morals and ethics (Letters, September 15). Just as we, a democratic nation, aim to govern ourselves in a secular fashion, the "workplace" should be led by the same principles. One aim is to have, yes, a moral society, but it must be enforced by what is ethical.

Let's clarify the issue: "Strippers," or any level of cabaret performers or dancers, are not sexual objects. Rather, they are sexual subjects.

In the same vein, does one view a comedian as a mere prop of comedy? No. Here, again, the comedian is a subject. So, as a dancer or a stripper or an entertainer or a poet or a comedian, I may be viewed as an object at times. Yet true objectivity requires subjectivity, which means that I and all dancers are totally subjects. So I applaud not Bartle and Blunt but each and every performer who has the nerve and self-elected desire to do so. You go, girls!

Howard Carson, who elected you to decide what we need in this state? Now, he pointed out that KC is building a new arena. In order to compete with other cities and states, KC has to have the venues that will attract new revenue to the city. Beautiful women are attractive. So what's the problem with Bartle and Blunt?

Fellow denizens, to call "dancing" immoral is to commit a false judgment of the performer, the audience and all forms of not just "nudie shows" but all art. Wake up and keep up.

Holly Young
Bazooka's Showgirls

Wild kingdom: In Missouri we have Gov. Blunt, and in Kansas we have Attorney General Kline ... what a pair of dodo birds. Wait a minute; I have insulted the memory of the extinct dodo. Insert your own comparison.

These two exemplary public servants are doing everything they can conjure up to promote governmental intercourse with women's bodies (David Martin's "The Big Coverup," August 25). The absolute last thing they want to do is protect women. They are actively misusing their political positions to drag down and rape the law of the land. They are selling their souls for political gain, and it has nothing to do with protecting anybody.

Were there not so many decent and fair-minded people in both states, I would say merge Kansas and Missouri and call the new state the Assland of America. No insult to donkeys intended.

Charles Payne
Lee's Summit

Chip Shot
Potato head: Hey, Night Ranger, I'm a longtime reader, first-time writer. I was just writing to let you know that in your recent article, "Dicking Around" (September 15), you listed a name spelled "Tad'r Chip." It is actually "Tater Chip," and the reference isn't from Jeff Foxworthy but the comedian Ron White, who has toured with Foxworthy. Just thought you should know.

Carla Eden
Via the Internet

Tune Up
Overweening attitude: Regarding Jason Harper's review of Jimmy Pozen's Outscrablisticstagnotion (Here and Now, September 22): Kind of a rough take on Ween. I respectfully disagree.

"Funny" (or at least intentionally funny) songs are but a small minority of Ween's repertoire. And I wouldn't even describe the Ween songs I don't like as "sounding shitty." But, to each his own, I guess.

Erick Sorenson
Via the Internet

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