Download 'Never Erased,' a new track from the Dead Girls' upcoming LP



Via the Dead Girls Facebook.
  • Via the Dead Girls Facebook.
As a band, the Dead Girls keep pretty busy, but the Lawrence group hasn't released a new full-length since 2010's Out of Earshot. That will all change this year, when they drop their new LP. Says drummer Eric Melin: "The album will be called Fade In/Fade Out, and it was produced by Chris Cosgrove, mastered by Kliph Scurlock, and features an average of 70-plus tracks per song."

More than 70 tracks per song! That is a shitload of tracks per song! You can get a sense of that hugeness by streaming and/or downloading "Never Erased," a teaser track from the album, here. Bouncing between the '70s power pop of Cheap Trick and the late-1980s Twin Cities rock of Husker Du and the Replacements has always kind of been the Dead Girls' thing. With "Never Erased," they're either quietly building out from those touchstones or refining their sound within them - I can't quite tell. To me, "Never Erased" sounds like a really good Soul Asylum song. I'm not sure if the band would take that as a compliment, but they should. I mean, Grave Dancers Union was a totally solid record, amirite?

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