Cole Lindbergh, local This American Life star, has a song for you


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Cole Lindbergh, the games manager at Worlds of Fun who was featured on an episode of This American Life earlier this year, recently launched a songwriting service called I Got You a Song. The cheeky tagline: It's Definitely Something. Indeed, it is.

The service basically allows people to buy a song for the low, low price of $14.99. You submit a zany idea, and Lindbergh will write the song, perform it and post the performance on YouTube. Song lengths range between two and three minutes and are based on a 160-character description that you provide. You can customize things like the song's genre or Lindbergh's appearance in the video on the site. All sales are final, and as Lindbergh states on his website: "[It'll be the] best thing you've ever heard in your life or quite possibly the most horrible thing you've ever heard in your life."

Noted. Check out the website for more information.


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