Madonna is in Kansas City right now, you guys!


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Oh mama!
  • Oh mama!
The latest Madonna album, released back in March, is called MDNA. There are, by my count, three interpretations of this title. One is that it's just Madonna's name without the vowels. Another is that it represents the core essence, or DNA, of Madonna (represented here by the letter M). The third is that it's a mischievous twist on MDMA, the chemical name for Ecstasy. I'd buy any and all of these, but I wouldn't buy the album based on its singles. Despite two hot guests (Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.), a reasonably catchy chorus, and a video showcasing Madonna's still-amazing body, "Give Me All Your Luvin' " can't obscure the fact that it's the work of a 54-year-old woman trying to horn in on the market share of pop stars half her age. And good luck finding a memory eraser after listening to "I Don't Give A," which contains, in addition to a shudderingly tasteless dubstep wobble, the lyric Working out, shake my ass, I know how to multitask/Connecting to the Wi-Fi, went from nerd to superb. The most materialistic of girls is at the Sprint Center tonight, Tuesday, October 30. You know you want to get involved. Why pretend like you don't?


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