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MOSH Pit (Money for Organizations Saving Helpless Pits) has booked some impressive local talent for the group’s Fall for a Pit Benefit at the Riot Room this Saturday, September 29. See Red Kate, the Lucky Graves, Hipshot Killer, the Medicine Theory, Knifecrime, and the Bad Ideas, and help out local pit rescue groups for $10.

We recently chatted up Pj Ruth, founder of MOSH Pit, via e-mail about the event. We found out why Ruth loves pits so much and a bit more about the organizations that the benefit aims to help.

The Pitch: How did the event come to be?

Ruth: The event was something dreamt up about six to eight weeks ago, to be honest. I just woke up and told the hubs, "Hey, I think I'll do a benefit for pits." Well, it's become anything but small, that's for sure! I retired from animal care and rescue work (for the most part) about four years ago. Like any other passion, you are sucked back into it. I adopted a pit in July, but she's not my first. My family has pits and I've always adored them. I started looking at venues and bands to work with me. Once I had a handful of them, I started thinking of a name for the event, and a good friend suggested MOSH Pit. It doesn't work with the event itself, but it led me to using it as my group — Money for Organizations Saving Helpless Pits. So, that's how MOSH Pit was born, and why I named this event Fall for a Pit Benefit.

How did the bands get involved?

Most of the bands are friends that I know, or friends of friends. I was amazed at the response and actually had to turn down a few bands for this round. The very best part of this event and the bands is that I have a super secret special music guest that has something "amazing" up his sleeve, but he won't even tell me! The only thing I'm allowed to say is that he's a KC band rock legend, and a lot of old-school peeps are going to love seeing him onstage again after a long time.

I assume you have a pretty soft spot for pits (they are pretty awesome). Any particular reason why?

As stated above, I do have a soft spot for pits, but I also have tiny toy poodles in the house and a corgi. The reason for pits is if you go into the KCMO shelter, you will see an overwhelming number of pit and pit mixes there. If we can get the word out that these dogs are GREAT family dogs and the groups can get more funds, then we will help all the other dog breeds locally.

Any other pit benefits planned for the future?

Another event? You betcha! As long as this one doesn't kill me! I've done this all by myself — arranging the bands, venue, the four rescue groups, etc. Of course, I've had help with PR here and there, and street teams, but the day-to-day stuff — the raffle items (which are AMAZING) all done by me with a full-time job and a kiddo at home. I hope to get people interested in joining MOSH Pit for the next event. I'm thinking spring for another big show and then maybe a few small things before then. I already have a venue and bands in mind.

How did you get involved with the pit rescues that are involved in the event?

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue (MPR): I've known the president for about six years and have worked with her off and on. Mid-American Bully Breed Rescue (MABBR): I've known a few of those gals for years, too, and they have helped me do courtesy listings for a foster or two in the past. The Pet Connection: I've known the president for over 15 years now. Jade's Mission is where I adopted my pit. She was about to be euthanized at the shelter. They pulled her, and then I adopted her, Miss Mahina Pearl.

MPR and MABBR do rescue and adoptions. The Pet Connection works with training, behavior issues and placements of dogs, including pits and pit mixes. Jade's Mission is an outreach program. They go door to door, making sure dogs have shelter, food and water. Of course, they run into a LOT of pits.

Anything else people should know about the event?

The only other things I think people should know about this event would be, we have some pin-up girls to sell the raffle tickets (only a buck each) and like I said, the raffle items are way cool. Like, tattoo gift certificates, and bar gift certificates, etc. The bands are amazing — the super secret special guest is driving me crazy! And finally, this is a history-making event for the rescue animal world. As far as any of us know, no one has a group like MOSH Pit that does all the work for the groups and gets them together in one place for one night for one cause. They all tend to work alone. So, that's a super cool thing for me!

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