Aerosmith is coming to the Sprint Center with Cheap Trick


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Oh man, have you heard this new Aerosmith song, "Legendary Child"? They basically dig up hooks and fills from five or six old Aerosmith hits and build a terrible Frankenstein song out of them. It's like a song equivalent of one of those Scary Movie or Not Another Teen Movie spoofs, except it's actually just the new Aerosmith song, from Aerosmith, with no shred of irony or self-awareness. The worst part is, I still kind of like it! Here, you should really just check it out.

Anyway, Aerosmith has a new album, Music From Another Dimension, out in November, and to support it they're coming to the Sprint Center on Wednesday, November 14. Along for the ride is Cheap Trick. Tickets on sale this coming Monday, September 24, at 10 a.m.


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