Jerry Seinfeld coming to the Midland


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Whats the deal with airline food?
  • What's the deal with airline food?
That Seinfeld episode, in which Kramer names his rooster Little Jerry Seinfeld and takes it to cockfights, was on last night. And George is dating a woman in prison. The scene where George meets with her parole board and intentionally sabotages her release is kind of a classic. ("Plans. Schemes...she keeps talking about getting back together with her old friends, you know. 'The gang,' as she likes to call them. Yeah, they're hatching something, you can count on that.") AAAAANYWAY, this morning comes word that Jerry Seinfeld is coming to the Midland to perform stand-up comedy on Friday, October 12. Tickets are on sale next Friday, August 24, at 10 a.m.


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