Caveman, with Lotus Plaza (Deerhunter side project), tonight at RecordBar


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  • Caveman
No luck trolling Craigslist for tickets to tonight's m83 show at the Granada? RecordBar is offering a pretty solid alternative.

Caveman advances a calm, reverb-y, rock agenda that calls to mind an overcast day at the beach. The Brooklyn band adds synths and kinky percussion to the equation, though, which feels very of-the-now. (Listen here.) Lockett Pundt, guitarist of the acclaimed dream-rock act Deerhunter, recently released his second solo album, Spooky Action at a Distance. Pundt wrote "Desire Lines," the best song on Deerhunter's most recent album, Halcyon Digest, and the smart, sprawling guitar-pop on Spooky Action confirms that he's really starting to hit his stride as a songwriter. Listen here.


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