MiniBar hosts Kansas City's inaugural Nerd Nite tonight



For those lucky few who've been attending the Lawrence edition of Nerd Nite, the appearance of the Kansas City version has been eagerly anticipated for over a month now. Having attended all of the Lawrence shows since last November, I can state that it's a fine way to gain knowledge, as well as a pleasant buzz. (Full disclosure: I will be presenting at the Lawrence Nerd Nite in May.)

Or, as KC organizer Jason Kovacs states in the press release, "Sometimes you hear that it's like TED talks combined with a cocktail party, or maybe if the Discovery Channel did a live show at your favorite bar, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson brought the keg."

Tonight's Kansas City debut of the free event is also a debut of sorts for MiniBar, a new venture from the owners of RecordBar. The whole thing kicks off at 7 p.m. MiniBar is located at 3810 Broadway, in the old Gusto Lounge space. If the Lawrence events are any indication, you'll want to get there early, as seats go fast, and you don't want to miss such topics as "Broccoli and Other Fractals," "Info Nation" and "My Life As a Sex Writer; or, Why Carrie Bradshaw Is Not a Feminist."

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