A solution for SXSW social-media envy



For those of us stuck here in the Midwest, watching our friends post about South By Southwest this week is something akin to torture. Facebook and Twitter are about to become a daily slog of seething jealousy toward people for whom we normally have nothing but love and affection. For this week, however — being as we're stuck here while they're sucking down free Lone Star and eating food from taco trucks — fuck those guys. (Ed. note: Fuck all those guys, EXCEPT for The Pitch's music editor, who will be reporting from Austin and posting here on Wayward.) Thankfully, Lanyrd has developed a plugin for your Web browser that will eliminate that problem:
"The Lanyrd 'Not At SXSW' browser extension hides tweets from people we know are attending SXSW, along with any tweets mentioning SXSW, leaving you with tweets from people who are having the same not-at-SXSW experience as yourself."

Download that sucker for Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera and save yourself a lot of misery this week.

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