Expo ’70, tonight at the Replay



Expo ’70 always seems to be up to something. The experimental Kansas City band seems to always be on the verge of releasing LPs or EPs, or playing interesting gigs. And when Justin Wright, the main brain behind Expo ’70, isn’t busy with the prior-mentioned tasks, he’s working with other artists (Thee Water MoccaSins, Sounding the Deep).

We recently checked in with Wright and found out more about Expo ‘70’s recently sold-out Hovering Resonance LP, what the band’s been up to this year, and what the band is working toward.

Wright on Hovering Resonance:

The "Hovering Resonance" LP sold out of its 200 copies from the label in Germany within a week, and also my artist copies sold out within 24 hours of posting it in my Web store. I don't think the label plans to rerelease it. The tracks were recorded with some other material that will come out on vinyl for a label in Europe called Blackest Rainbow, and a CD will follow, with the tracks from "Hovering Resonance" and the Blackest Rainbow release on Universal Tongue, also based in Europe.

The year’s happenings:

Expo '70 is mainly me, but the past year I have added come collaborators, and outside of performing solo, I have been working with two other musicians lately, Mike Vera, who also plays percussion in Sounding the Deep, and Aaron Osborne. We started playing as this lineup this past year, and our first performance was last November at FOKL Art Center for the We Are Tribe Fashion show. The set we performed was recorded in January at a local studio for an upcoming Record Store Day release on Immune Records out of Chicago. The release is a double LP between four artists: Faceplant, Date Palms and Pulse Emitter. We will be recording an album in the next month that will be released on CD through Essence Music (Brazil) and on vinyl by Immune Recordings later this year.

What else is in the works:

As for what else we are up to, I run a label called Sonic Meditations, which focuses on small-run cassettes, vinyl and CDs of underground experimental musicians from all over the world. I am also a graphic designer (currently working on THEE Water MoccaSins LP artwork). I'm also working on booking my first full European tour, which will be solo performances for this fall. Mike Vera also performs in Sounding the Deep, which played this past Tuesday at RecordBar. They have a new record coming out on my label, soon called "Return to the Quiet." He also plays guitar in his own two-piece project, and works at Whole Foods and plays video games. Aaron Osbourn also plays bass and auxiliary percussion in Monta at Odds. He also does IT work in the Crossroads.

Catch Expo 70 tonight with Catacombz at the Replay at 10 p.m.

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