Craig Finn is at RecordBar this Saturday

Craig Finn is at RecordBar this Saturday.



The genius of the Hold Steady has long been the balance of frontman Craig Finn's streetwise colloquial poetry and the band's party-rock hooks. Finn's recent solo debut, Clear Heart Full Eyes, is a less beery affair, with alt-country tones providing the backdrop to the lyrics. Things get pretty spare and spoken-word at points, but it's absolutely a must-own for any self-respecting Hold Steady fan. I've listened to "Rented Room" — I bathe in the dark, it feels like a womb/I know I should be getting over you/Certain things get really hard to do/When you're living in a rented room — probably 75 times since it landed on the Web a month ago.

Finn is at RecordBar this Saturday, February 11, with Mount Moriah. Some friends of mine saw him Tuesday in Chicago and said he killed it. Listen to a couple of songs from Clear Heart by clicking here.

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