The Cave Girls, 'I Said Wow!'


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Kansas City garage-rock trio the Cave Girls release their self-titled debut EP this weekend. The threesome plays Saturday, February 4, at the Brick and is joined by two new local acts: the I'ms (featuring members of the Abracadabras and the ACBs) and Thee Devotion (featuring members of Emma Feel and the New Lost Souls). Because the release of the seven-song CD is kind of a big deal for the Cave Girls, they'll have on hand two "Cave Dancers" to keep the joint moving. And that's not all: For those willing to come "caved out" in animal print and "other Neanderthalesque tendencies," free CDs will go to the best three.

We asked the band's Robin Campbell if she'd share a track from the EP with us, and you can listen to "I Said Wow!" below. Says Campbell of the track:

"This one is a true gift. There are times when a song stirs around in your head for so long, you don't think anyone will ever hear it. 'I Said Wow!' came together fantastically fast. Sara and I wrote the basic idea down in about 5 minutes and we were playing it at the next show. We like the obnoxious intensity of it — it's an energizer!"

You can can hear three more tracks at the Cave Girls' Facebook page, if you are so interested.

Listen to the Cave Girls' "I Said Wow!"


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