Nick Carroll on the future of the Jackpot




While interviewing Replay Lounge owner Nick Carroll regarding the upcoming Cheap Beer compilation LP, the erstwhile Jackpot Music Hall proprietor was kind enough to clear up some confusion regarding the venue's upcoming sale to Eric and Darla Bergman:
"The Jackpot — they're going to continue to have shows. I think there was maybe some misinformation, but what they want to do is kind of expand on what's there and make it to where there's more to do during the day. It's a lot of ideas that we had, and wanted to do, too, but they were in a better position to do it. They've also got a lot of experience. They've got as much or more experience as me, and the kind of bars that they've run have been more like the Jackpot, and I've run places like the Replay. They've done things like pool tables and dartboards, and they just have a very good feel. I think it's really going to be successful, to be honest with you."

Read more about Carroll's decision to sell below.

"Maybe it won't be just a dedicated venue, but the place kind of needed more than that. It needed to have more regulars, and everybody that works there and everybody that went there knows it. We just needed to have something to where, if a show canceled Friday night, we're still gonna bring some money in because there's still some other things to do. As it sits right now, if something cancels Friday night, you can hear the crickets, and that's not good.

That's just the place we were: an awesome place, with awesome bartenders, but not that much to do, and that was kind of always the issue."

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