Kansas City’s Hotdog Skeletons at the Riot Riom this evening



Hotdog Skeletons
  • Hotdog Skeletons

Hotdog Skeletons have been hitting the local venue circuit pretty hard lately.The band — Chad Matheson (drums), Dan Buffkin (guitar), Darren Matheson (guitar, vocals) and Matt Cook (bass, vocals) — released Rooted to the Spot last year, and the band is already planning to record another album this winter. Hot dog! We recently had a quick chat with Matheson.

The Pitch: What’s the story behind the name?

Darren Matheson: I'm still not sure if we are entirely sure exactly where the band name came from. We do, however, know the location where it came from: The true meaning hides somewhere in the vast caverns of Matt Cook's mind.

Any other local bands that you play in?

We have all had stints in other local bands. Dan is currently in the Porcelain Gods and the Penny Sheets. Darren is also in the Penny Sheets. Chad is in Night Vision.

Any local bands that you’re really enjoying these days? Venues?

We are big fans of our good pals Sons of Great Dane, also Cherokee Rock Rifle, Radio City and Grisly Hand, to name a few. Our favorite venue in the city was Crosstown Station. It was sad to see such a nice stage go away. However, we've always been huge fans of the RecordBar and the Riot Room.

What can we look forward to in the future?

We had an album come out a year ago, so we figure it's time to get a new record together. We are looking to be in the studio this winter, hopefully with Sir Chris Cosgrove, and we are looking forward to it!

Hotdog Skeletons opens for Lydia Loveless and Rich & Uncle Penny Bags at the Riot Room tonight. Doors open at 8 p.m. The 21-and-older show costs $8. If you miss the show tonight, you can catch the Skeletons November 26 at Davey’s Uptown with Cherokee Rock Rifle.

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