CES Cru's new video for 'Changes'; Ubiquitous talks about Strange rumors


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A few weeks back, CES Cru posted a YouTube trailer for an upcoming video for their song "Changes." In it, one-half of the local rap duo, Ubiquitous, strolled through the Strange Music merch headquarters, chatting with Tech N9ne. At one point in the conversation, Tech implied that CES Cru, along with Irv Da Phenom, would soon be joining the Strange Music family. 

Today the actual video is up on YouTube, and it's got a similar theme to it. I chatted with Ubi earlier this week, and he stubbornly refused to confirm that CES Cru is signing with Strange Music. But it's obvious that they are. Click through to read all about it and peep the video. 

Tell me about the video.

It's off our last record, The Playground. D-Stroy did the beat, and it's just me and [CES Cru's other half] Godimus on there. That song's been out for a long time, but as you see in the video, it's about to take on a new meaning it never had before. We wanted the imagery to associate with how we've been messin' with Strange Music lately. And we got some support from those guys for the video actually. 

How'd you get hooked up with Tech?

Just been beatin' at the scene for a long time. Godemis met him back in 1998 when they were both working on this project called 50 MCs that DJ Fresh put out. But years passed, and Tech blew up, and we were doing our thing. Then through chance we crossed paths at the Riot Room back in 2008, when we played a show opening for Mac Lethal. Tech was in the audience and caught our whole performance. He was standing right off to the side of the stage, and he got my attention before the finale and gave me props, said he loved what he was hearing. So we talked a little in the green room at Riot, took pictures and exchanged numbers and that was it. I don't think I was brave enough to understand the opportunity. And then I lost Tech's number because my phone got messed up. That's a long story. Anyway, he ended up calling us after that about collaborating for "Livin' Like I'm Dyin" for his Bad Season mixtape, which came out this past December. Then he booked us to open at the Beaumont Club in January. So it all happened in basically like five minutes, really quickly. 

What's your status with Strange today?

You know, the relationship continues. I just saw Tech in Omaha last Friday. I was there on Thursday doing my own show, and they were up there doing two shows in a row. I ended up sticking around for the weekend. The fans were crazy. They recognized us, were telling us congratulations, treating us like everyone in the Strange crew. 

Wait, so why are they telling you congratulations? Doesn't that imply that you're already on Strange Music?

Well, there's a consciousness. If you're a Stranged-out person and watch all Tech's videos, you know what's up. So if you see us on there, you can put things together. By the way, we're also in the same boat with Irv Da Phenom. He's also not officially signed but has been talking with Strange. 

What else is going on?  

I'm performing solo July 29 at RecordBar with Steddy P, thePhantom*, Royce Diamond, and Ill Intentions. The next CES show is September 24 at the Riot Room with Mac Lethal. 


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