Awkward album covers: Mr. Fish (now), Rod McKuen (then)



From the editor's desk: Mr. Fish, Soft Serve Assault, 2007
Nothing is more awkward than a child getting an ice-cream cone full of mint chocolate chip shoved in his eye. The person attached to the "hate" tatted hand wielding the cone of punishment is unknown, but it's my guess that he (or a hairy she) hates obese children who have missing teeth and cry. Mr. Fish, the self-labeled "colorcore" band, recently released its second album, Like Insects. The album is available at Love Garden in Lawrence, Kansas.

From the dusty closet: Rod McKuen, Rod McKuen's Greatest Hits - 2, 197?

This is one of the many "awkward man stare" albums that I found this

week. I asked my dad why male performers like to stare at the camera

all sexylike, and he said, "Uh, to look studly?" Good answer, dad.


Look at Rod McKuen sippin' his brew. He's ready for action.


Oh! Look at that. There's Rod again -- staring at you -- letting you

know he is a successful musician, singer-songwriter and poet, and he

can look at you as long as he damn well wants.

McKuen has recorded more than 200 albums and has received

63 gold and platinum records. He has written three-dozen books of

poetry and sold 65 million copies of his works. According to McKuen's

website, this accomplishment has made him "the most widely read poet of

his time." Who knew?

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