Paste calls Secret Cities 'Best of What's Next'


Secret Cities at RecordBar last month.
  • Secret Cities at RecordBar last month.

Secret Cities is a sweeping electronic act made up of two North Dakota kids, Charlie Gokey and Marie Parker, and KC's own Alexander Abnos.

So far, the band has scored accolades from Paste, Nylon, Pitchfork, Tiny Mixtapes and Filter. And now, Paste has deemed the fast up-and-coming band as 'Best of What's Next.'

Read more of what Paste has to say here. Some notable highlights:

From blurry, counterpoint-laden orchestral intricacies to Parker's lush vocal harmonies to suspenseful harpsichord and bass drum plodding, Pink Graffiti was a journey through conflicted emotion that seemed to circle on itself and resolve at the end. Parker's classical training enabled her to orchestrate string arrangements for the album, and Gokey's myriad pop influences provided a whole canon of melodic precedent to draw from.

Strange Hearts is the opposite of all that. Recorded quickly in a recently abandoned bank (with the difficulty they'd encountered reproducing Pink Graffiti's decidedly studio-centric songs live in mind), Gokey, Parker and Abnos picked a direction and went with it. The results prove lovely and streamlined, an expression of complex pop clarity rather than a rewarding sludge to mire oneself in. "This one, I think, is a lot more based in reality," Gokey says. "We had less time to experiment."

The band's new sophomore album is called Strange Hearts. The band kicked off its nationwide tour here in February. Read our review of the show here.

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