New video for 2009's 'Caked Up' from Ron Ron and Stik Figa



Topeka rapper Stik Figa and East Side MC Ron Ron made waves with "Caked Up" in 2009 -- especially here at The Pitch, where we awarded the track the best song of the year. Here's the new video for "Caked Up," directed and edited by Ron Ron with camerawork and production assistance from Vashon of

Here's an interview that Jason Harper did in 2009 with Stik about the track:

How did a feel-good artist from Top City come to record music with a street rapper who was -- at least temporarily -- from the wrong side of the tracks?

"It was a weird thing," Stik says. "This guy Grant Rice has been cool with Str8jacket, who's been cool with me for a long time. He's from Topeka. So Grant hit me up and said, 'You really need to hear Ron Ron. He's a fan of yours and he wants to get at you.' Then Ron Ron called me out of the blue, saying he got the number from Mac Lethal at a show or something. Since then, we've been like, we gotta get something done."

Stik had the "Caked Up" beat already, and once Ron Ron and Stik recorded verses over it, it was a wrap.

"The thing about Ron Ron is, he's just solid," Stik says. "Just dope, all the way around. I was like, it's stupid that no one's hollering at this guy. I was talking to Greg Enemy for a while. We were asking ourselves, 'Who's the guy right now? Who's the guy on the other side of Troost? Who is he?' I don't want the 'OK' dude who's been to prison 7 million times ... I want the guy who's dope. Ron Ron's name kept poppin' up."

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