Download a free album from Steddy P and DJ Mahf, What Happened Tomorrow



The new album from IndyGround's Steddy P and DJ Mahf is available for free, and it's called What Happened Tomorrow. (Technically, it dropped on March 15, but a little reminder for a few free local tunes is never a bad thing, right?) 

Click here to download. This is what IndyGround says about the album:

What Happened Tomorrow, the new free album by Steddy P and DJ Mahf, is a farewell record in a sense, rooted in sample based production with the duo's own contemporary approach. As with the duo's previous projects, it's Steddy on the rhymes and Mahf on the tables, but a sense of maturity and growth mark this release as a staple in the Midwest indie rap circuit. From the breakbeat party to the introspective artsy landscape, it's evident the sound is expanding. Steddy and Mahf never disappoint, weaving in and out of several genres of hip-hop with the ease only a veteran group would possess.

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