Win tickets to see Das Racist at The Granada!



For a hot minute in 2008, the entire blogosphere was plagued with one pressing question: Are you at the Pizza Hut or at the Taco Bell?

Who knew that two goofy guys repeating a couple of stupid phrases could have been the beginnings of a credible -- hell, revered -- rap group that Rolling Stone gave accolades to last year? (Truth: The magazine named the single "hahahaha jk?" one of the best singles of 2010.) Das Racist transcended its meme status with two serious (well, sort of) mixtapes: 2010's Shut Up, Dude and Sit Down, Man. Now, they're coming to The Granada on March 30. And you can win tickets. Yes, you!

To win tickets, tell us: Are you at the Pizza Hut or the Taco Bell, or are you at the Taco Bell -- and why? (Note: answers that claim that you are, in fact, at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell will be disqualified.)

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