According to Fox News, Radiohead is causing a 'rift in time' and 'affecting Egypt and Libya'



By now, we're sure you've all listened to, and formed your opinions of, the new Radiohead album, King of Limbs. But just when we thought the alt-rock gods couldn't get any more popular, Fox News got ahold of the album and, um, listened to it backwards.
Apparently, Radiohead is a lot more influential than we originally thought. 

On Wednesday, Fox's Greg Gutfeld and Andy Levy discussed King of Limbs during a taping of their "Halftime Report." According to the snarky duo, if you play the album backwards, "it sounds exactly the same. It's that awesome." The nutballs also assert that if you play it during the last 37 minutes of Love Actually, it syncs up perfectly. Oh wait -- they're not done. It also works for "movies that haven't been made yet, until the end of time." The only gasps heard from their fellow co-workers? When Gutfeld admits that he hates Love Actually. Seriously. Check the video on Fox News' website here.

Now, we here at Wayward have a sense of humor, but has Fox News really nothing better to do than to pick on Radiohead? It seems so. They continued their sarcastic rants yesterday, this time assuring listeners that the album "causes a rift in time." But for me, the real spine-tingling, make-me-want-to-vomit moment hit when Gutfeld says that "it's been less than a week since the new Radiohead album dropped, and already we're seeing it's affecting Egypt and Libya." I guess they really will look for any seemingly leftist cause to blame for world suffering. Watch this second video, in which they bring in Chris Martin and the Black Eyed Peas for the slaughtering as well, here. Don't worry. They wrote it in 10 minutes. "Take that, Obama." Ugh.

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