Catch the Clapton from Ernie Ball


Clapton wants to hang out with you.
  • Clapton wants to hang out with you.

Local guitar players: Need new guitar strings? Then we suggest you head to your nearest Guitar Center and pick up a pack of Ernie Ball electric or acoustic strings, and nab yourself a chance to fly to London and hang with Eric Clapton.

Between February 1 and April 30, Ernie Ball is hosting a contest to send 15 lucky guitarists to London, where they will sit in on a rehearsal with the guitar master himself, attend a meet-and-greet backstage, and receive tickets to Clapton's concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Oh, and it also includes free airfare and hotel costs.

All you have to do is pick yourself up a pack of strings and enter the unique code at their website. And if you're worried that your 15-in-a-million chances (or more) aren't good enough, don't worry. They've also hidden color-coded Eric Clapton guitar picks in almost 2,000 string packs that will land you prizes ranging from a free guitar to gift certificates and free strings.

Kansas City's nearest Guitar Center stores are located in Independence (3911 Bolger Road) and Overland Park (6700 West 119th Street).

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