Comment of the week: how KC really feels about Streetside Records



This week's coveted Comment of the Week goes to Definis, who commented on our coverage of Kansas City's in-store performances at the doomed (or so we thought) Streetside Records in Westport.

Kansas City rallied around Streetside Records after it was announced that the store would be closing on January 23, but recent news has confirmed that the record store will reopen in February.

Definis wrote:

does this mean i can still get the new two-year old franz ferdinand album on vinyl for $30!!!!!

To temper Definis' cynical (but hilarious) take on the store, Lauren K -- who we can only assume to be Lauren Krum of the Grisly Hand, ay? -- commented back:

i laughed definis, but when the store reopens maybe it will have better and more reasonable new vinyl selections. for now i'm just happy there's still a place in westport to buy vinyl.


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