Iris DeMent -- former Kansas City folk hero -- is featured in True Grit


Iris DeMent
  • Iris DeMent

If you didn't make the requisite holiday pilgrimage to the movie theaters this weekend, shame on you. (If you did, and went to see Little Fockers, even more shame is directed your way.) However: those of you who went to see True Grit couldn't have missed the haunting tune that accompanied the movie's closing credits. Turns out that it's none other than Iris DeMent, the singer and songwriter that passed many years in Kansas City as a local folk hero. 

DeMent is originally from Arkansas, but her family moved to California at an early age. DeMent then moved to Kansas City to attend college, and stuck around long enough to become a favorite in the Kansas City music scene. In 2002, she married folk troubador Greg Brown -- more on that here.

DeMent was also a favorite artist of the late Anne Winter of Recycled Sounds.

Here's the song that closes the credits of the Coen Brothers' True Grit. I thought it was pretty fabulous (personally, I found the bear man to be a particular highlight). Go, watch, and listen to some local talent add a chilling layer of rustic beauty to an already gorgeous flick. 

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