Was that Usher chowing down at the Cheesecake Factory on the Plaza?


Usher wants to make love in this dining chain.
  • Usher wants to make love in this dining chain.

Did the one and only Usher chow down on the Plaza this weekend, after his rip-roaring show of muscle, fireworks and good old-fashioned lovin' at the Sprint Center last Saturday? Fat City reports.

Was that Usher eating at the Cheesecake Factory late Saturday night after his concert at the Sprint Center? It's not unlikely -- the California-based dining chain is one of the few restaurants on the Country Club Plaza that serves late on weekends.

A bartender at the restaurant told a Pitch reporter that the staff was sure it was Usher. For one thing, he was in town. "He looked just like him," said the bartender, "but he was in a hoodie and sunglasses and it wasn't like we could say, 'Hey, are you Usher?' "

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