Tim and Eric make the Midland weird tonight; Tim talks Pusswhip and chopping meat



Absurdist comedians Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim hit the Midland tonight as part of their Tim & Eric Awesome Tour, Great Job, Chrimbus Spectacular 2010. The show includes a performance by their '70s Southern-rock parody band, Pusswhip Banggang. The Pitch recently spoke to an impressively deadpan Heidecker about band dynamics.

The Pitch: So you'll be performing as Pusswhip Banggang, but you're going to be playing songs from the entire Tim and Eric repertoire?

Tim Heidecker: Yes, Pusswhip songs and then some other songs from the TV show.

Will you play the Pusswhip song ­"Jambalaya"?

Yes, that's actually one of Pusswhip's favorite songs. We love singing about bein' down South, cookin' up some spicy food, gettin' that meat all chopped up.

Who would you say are Pusswhip's primary influences?

Little Feat, the Marshall Tucker Band, the Doors -- without Jim Morrison.

You hired a full band for the tour?

Yeah. We got guys on bass, keys, drums. Eric and I play guitar. Eric does a little percussion. We both sing, but I'm the lead singer.

Are there any fights over creative control?

No, but it's definitely a situation where the guys in the band need to be told what to do. They have to understand that when they're working with us, they're working with professional performers and television stars. I'm blessed to have Eric beside me to keep the band in line.

Any tour disasters?

Eric's guitar strap broke last night, which was very bad for the tour because we only have room in the budget for one guitar strap. Certain things we just don't have backups for. I regret not planning the tour better.

How successful was Pusswhip in its heyday?

We experienced regional success.

How you do you think Tim and Eric's taste in music is different from Pusswhip's?

I think Pusswhip is more open with its spirituality.

You've been doing a costume contest on the tour. How has that worked out?

Last night in Eugene, nobody wore any costumes, so we made the contest about who in the crowd had the worst shirt.

Who won?

There was a guy who had an Escape to ­Monkey Island shirt.

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