Bret Michaels canceled his Uptown gig? Not again!


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The emperor has no clothes.
  • The emperor has no clothes.
Bret Michaels canceled his show at the Uptown back in August so he could host the Miss USA contest. That rascal! But it was no bigs -- he promptly scheduled another Uptown date for November 18. 

Well, looks like you can tell the sitter she's got next Thursday off after all, because Michaels has canceled on Kansas City AGAIN. And you know what I blame? The media firestorm that's swept down regarding Michaels' alleged diddling of Miley Cyrus' mom. What, you never heard that rumor? That's weird, because it was such a huge rumor that Michaels was forced to visit multiple media outlets to deny it. What, you think Michaels enjoys visiting multiple media outlets?  

Michaels also canceled in Omaha, blaming the show's promoter, so the Uptown cancellation is most likely due to poor ticket sales. Which means the blame ultimately falls to us, the fans. Shameful. 


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