Straight up weird: BCR's Halloween Hullabaloo at R Bar



Much like St. Patrick's Day and New Year's Eve, Halloween weekend promises long lines for drinks and toilets, people of all ages who don't get out much behaving badly, shitty parking spots and enough secondhand embarrassment to last you until Thanksgiving.

It's easy enough to skip all that, though. Tomorrow night, R Bar hosts the Black Crack Revue, a cosmic jazz ensemble headed by Rev. Dwight Frizzell. He describes the show as a "tantraliscious orgone-accumulating holographic sonic worm-holing hullabaloo."

I won't lie-- I don't know shit about jazz. Judging by the reviews of Beyond the Black Crack though, I can tell it's gonna be heavy. The R Bar seems to have a crowd that can support this kind of endeavor: Audi-driving, European-luxury-eyewear-wearing culture buffs who prefer parsnip salads and "crafted" cocktails.

I'm not knockin' anyone. Kansas City could probably use a few more of these types, especially downtown. However, I will predict that they might put on a costume contest for the ages tomorrow night. The categories? Best Off-World (Sci-Fi), Best Crypto-Mundo (Monster), Best Tantric-Liscious (Erotic) and Best Polyamorous Group.

Does this not sound intriguing? Will it be better than back-to-back showings of Ghoulies and Ghoulies II? Yes and yes.

The spacey jams start kickin' at 9 p.m., and the cover is $5.

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